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A comprehensive assessment of your child's strengths and needs. If you are concerned about your child's motor coordination, sensory processing, play development, writing skills, emotional and behavioural responses and self-help skills etc, I can assess the component skills that form the foundation of these areas. A detailed report is provided with strategies, advice and bespoke programmes if required.
Diagnosis of DCD/Dyspraxia
A formal assessment to determine whether your child meets the thresholds for a DCD can be provided. However, it is best practise to complete this assessment within a multi-disciplinary context. In most areas, a Paediatrician is required to confirm the diagnosis.
Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP)
A comprehensive assessment to address the functional strengths and needs in an educational setting from an Occupational Therapy perspective. This assessment identifies the underlying components impacting on your child's learning and social opportunities. The report would also identify what OT provision (Section F) would be required to meet those needs. Ideally this assessment would need to take place in school.
Assessment for SENDIST Tribunals
A detailed, in-depth critical analysis of your child's previous interventions, as well as strengths, needs and provision requirements in an educational setting from an Occupational Therapy perspective. In addition, specific opinions can be provided, e.g. type of school placement required. I am also available to attend Tribunals as an expert witness.
Direct Therapy
Using appropriate therapeutic approaches (e.g. sensory integration) one to one. This would usually take place in our Centre @Embrace though sessions at home and school can also be arranged. Group work in school (e.g. developing handwriting) is also available.

A range of other services are also available e.g. Problem Solving sessions (one off sessions); Training (to schools, parents etc); Management and leadership (e.g. establishing clinical governance frameworks).

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